Veterinary Care Services In Price, UT

Our Services

Castle Country Vet is a mixed animal veterinary clinic located in Price, Utah. We offer a wide range of specialized veterinary services to make your pet's journey to lasting wellness as efficient and effective as possible.

​​​​​​​Preventative Care
​​​​​​​Digital X-Rays
​​​​​​​Spays & Neuters
​​​​​​​Dental Care
​​​​​​​In-House Bloodwork
​​​​​​​Parasite Intervention
​​​​​​​Nutritional Counseling
​​​​​​​Health Certificates
​​​​​​​Wildlife Treatment
​​​​​​​Avian Medicine
​​​​​​​Large Animal Services
​​​​​​​Exotic Animal Services