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Meet Dr. Dan Harmer

Meet the team

Get to know Dr. Dan Harmer, the Veterinarian & Owner at Castle Country Vet. Dr. Harmer loves all animals and loves the Castle Country area and the people who make this community so unique.

Dr. Dan Harmer

Veterinarian, Owner

Before Dr. Harmer became a veterinarian, he was a middle school teacher.  He loves sharing his knowledge and passion with the younger generation. He graduated from the USU / WSU veterinary program with his DVM in 2017. After graduation he came to Price, Utah to work at the Animal Hospital of Eastern Utah under the mentorship of Dr. Boyd Thayn. It didn’t take long for him to fall in love with the area and the people who make this community so unique. He moved away to Cedar City, Utah for just under a year to take care of his wife’s parents while they were ill, but was grateful for the change to come back to Castle Country and purchase the Animal Hospital from Dr. Thayn. He is excited to continue Dr. Thayn’s legacy and serve the people and animals of Carbon and Emery Counties.


He loves all animals but goats are his favorite. In fact, when he isn’t working in the office you might see him out with his herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats. Whether he is camping, building something or playing the guitar, he likes to do it all with his family by his side.